CyLon Go - Courses

Recommended Courses

Introductory course for someone non-technical

Title: Introduction to Cyber Security | Operated by: New York University, via Coursera | Cost:  c. GBP 150

Potential contribution from CyLon: 100%


Introductory course for someone technical

Title: Security Essentials

Operated by: SANS

Cost: USD 7,020

Potential contribution from CyLon: up to 25%


Recommended course for an analyst / graduate

Title: IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

Operated by: IBM, via Coursera

Cost: c. £300

Potential contribution from CyLon: 100%



Recommended course for non-technical senior managers


Best in-depth course

Title: Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Operated by: Offensive Security

Cost: USD 1,199

Potential contribution from CyLon: 50%


Best self-paced learning platform

Title: Cybersecurity & IT Career Development Platform

Operated by: Cybrary

Cost: USD 240 (for a six month ‘Pro’ subscription)

Potential contribution from CyLon: 100%


Approved Courses

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Want to do a course that's not on our lists?

We would still love to hear from you, but please be prepared to give us some details on the course and why you have chosen it.